Marine Fishers Association Origin Story

About Us

The MFA, which was founded in 2007, represents the interests of the majority of South Australia’s 197 commercial Marine Scalefish Fishery (MSF) licence holders. These fishers are local, based mainly in regional SA, and supply local wild-caught fish to local and interstate markets.

The fishery is SA’s oldest continually running industry and began in 1836 – we celebrated our 185th anniversary in 2021!

Our members are often 3rd or even 6th generation fishers and they and their families form the backbone of many of our coastal, regional communities.

The MFA works with the Government through a co-management arrangement to ensure that our local fish stocks continue to be sustainable and our oceans remain pristine – we take our marine stewardship and environmental responsibilities very seriously because we rely on healthy fish stocks and a healthy environment for our and our children’s future.

Our Industry is one of the lowest emitters of greenhouse gases, not only compared with other seafood producers but also any other primary food production business.

The following provides some comparisons:

Our Carbon footprint

Carbon Emissions
Kg/Kg of product produced
SA Marine Scalefish fishery
Mexican inshore artisanal fishery4.90
SA rock lobster7.43 (SZ) – 20.11 (NZ)
South Australian Spencer Gulf prawn fishery4.69
Scottish demersal trawl4.14
European cod fishery1.80
British Columbia salmon, gillnet fishery3.14

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