Rays & Skate

Rays and Skates that are common in South Australian waters belong to several Families, including the Myliobatiae (e.g. Southern Eagle Ray), Dasyatidae (e.g. Smooth Stingray) and Rajidae (e.g. Bight Skate). The catch of Rays and Skates in the MSF is not differentiated by species in the fishery log-books. Products from Southern Eagle Rays (Myliobatis tenuicaudatus) are regularly identified during market sampling, and hence, it is likely this species comprises a prominent proportion of the Ray and Skate landings in the MSF.

The Southern Eagle Ray is distributed from Jurien Bay in Western Australia to Moreton Bay in Queensland. The species is also found in South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New Zealand. Southern Eagle Rays reach a maximum size of up to 1.6 m disc width (>3.0 m TL). Age and growth studies suggest the species reaches a maximum age of >15 years for males and >26 years for females in New Zealand.

Source:  Assessment of the South Australian Marine Scalefish Fishery in 2018.  Report by PIRSA

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