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Monitoring Osprey and Sea Eagles

The Marine Fishers Association Inc., has been invited to become the eyes on the water for Osprey and White Bellied Sea Eagles (WBSE’s), especially along the coast and at the Sir Joseph Banks Group, noting the area where they have been seen and the time of day.

Live streaming of Ospreys mating, egg-laying, hatching and fledging on the Barge at Port Lincoln has captured enormous public interest, even Internationally!  BUT, (with the exception of one bird fitted with a trackerwhich has had outstanding results) little is known about the movements of this threatened species. Sadly, the two eggs about to hatch at Tumby Island were taken by a fox (and caught on camera) that swam across from the mainland.

Click on this link to see live streaming of the Osprey nest.  (Photo WBSE provided by Sheryn Wellington).

Protecting the Giant Cuttlefish at Whyalla

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